I’m a human being (Homo sapiens) who enjoys sleeping for approximately 8 hours or more every night, drinks water in order to remain hydrated, eats food in order to take in carbohydrates to process into energy, and often emits noises using my tongue and throat in order to communicate with other humans.

CYGO Network

CYGO Network landing page, designed and developed by Logan L Johnson

I began work on what is now CYGO Network in November, 2017. I had previously gotten the idea to create a censorship-free social networking platform after the 2016 election in which political censorship seemed to become more prevalent, or perhaps more obvious. By December 23, 2017, I had released the first CYGO Network web app; which was a heavily modified open source dating software framework, to my team of testers, who were very enthusiastic about the platform and enjoyed using it. This was my first success with CYGO. Over the coming months I continued to modify, improve upon, and extend the web app, and released it to the public, on Wednesday March 14, 2018. Over the next year, it continued to become a rather large platform with people moving away from both Facebook and Reddit for various reasons including censorship, advertising, and privacy concerns. In August 2019, the former second in command of CYGO Network sabotaged our original web application, halting development. From this point, I have went on, with a bit of help from my group of contributors, to build Bleu; an alternative social network with a focus on free speech, CYGO Cloud; an alternative to Google Drive and other cloud storage services with a robust suite of web productivity tools such as note-taking, video conferencing, mind-mapping, music management, and more. We also have many projects currently in consideration and development, which will be released as time and development progresses. I take considerable pride in my work at CYGO, and it has helped me to expand my web development, systems administration, community building, and leadership skills along the way.

Lenoir LUG

I began working alongside a friend of mine in May 2018 in order to form the Lenoir Linux User Group. We were a group who offered a community for Linux users, who helped new users transition away from proprietary systems and on to open source solutions. We offered forums for information, show and tell, plus text chats for our community on Matrix, Telegram, and Discord. As of the time being, the Lenoir LUG is defunct as we met an opposition from CCC&TI, who would go around and remove our flyers from community boards and such for seemingly no reason (although we had went through the proper channels to obtain permission). Aside from this, I feel we largely failed in promotion of the community, and never seemed to garner a large enough interest from fellow students. My friend, Amolith, and I seemed to always be focused on more important things, whether it be our other websites, classwork, or things going on in our personal lives. Overall, it was a good experience and I learned a decent amount regarding Linux and the open source community. Perhaps, in the future, someone will pick up the Linux User Group and revive it, but for the time being, we still all have more important things going on.

Drauger OS

The Drauger OS desktop, XFCE layout and wallpaper by Logan L Johnson

I began working with Drauger OS Development and Thomas Castleman in the fall of 2018. I had previously met Thomas and had the pleasure to have seen Drauger OS before it was released to the public in its initial beta. I began by providing web hosting for the Drauger OS website and apt repositories, and over time, I have almost completely taken over all web development and major graphic design tasks for the project. While I don’t get credit for the logo, I designed the entirety of the current website, the XFCE desktop layout for the current stable release, many of the desktop wallpapers, some of them being my graphic design work, others my own floral photography. The boot screen was also my work, and, notably, the first thing I did in regards to development on the actual operating system. Drauger OS may very well be one of the most unique, innovative, and well-done Debian-based Linux operating systems available at the current time; with its top of the line performance and available AUR-helper like package installation system known as MRAI. Recently, I’ve been working on new wallpapers and the user experience of Drauger OS; aesthetics will be a large focus in the upcoming beta. I’m currently learning GTK3 and plan to show off my over-the-top design skills.


I began working with Swivro in late 2019. Swivro is an orgnization which is very similar to CYGO in terms of its goal and mission. I was eventually promoted to second in command, and remained in that position for some time, until I eventually became dissatisfied with the ownership for refusing to allow me to use my design skills to improve the landing page of the website in two instances. I resigned in July of 2020. Swivro still has some great projects, Virtualbolt has a lot of potential, in my opinion, and Notebucket is extremely useful. I certainly hope they continue to grow, but I will of course be moving on to work on other things. Apparently, Swivro has recently switched its focus to selling hosting. I have never used this service and neither endorse or discourage it.


I am a collector of art and antiques. I have a museum-quality collection consisting of studio art glass, Tiffany-style and art glass lighting, depression glass, early American pattern glass, American brilliant period cut glass, Venetian art glass, Asian porcelain, fine china, silverplate, antique furniture (inlcuding Eastlake and French-style), and more. You will find my documentation which I have completed regarding my items is available to the public on this website. Said documentation is still largely a work-in-progress and will take time.