Photo Restoration

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What can I do?


I am capable of turning entirely black and white photos into fully-colored photos. I will need knowledge of the specific necessary colors from you. It is also important to understand that it cannot be exact, only approximate. This is not fixed rate, and you must inquire for a quote.


I can mend photos with folds, missing corners, scratches, holes, tears, etc. I can not do this at a fixed rate, as work can be quite simple or quite extensive depending on how damaged the photo is. You must inquire for a quote.


Old colored and black and white photos which have faded over the years, which have unnatural colors or tints, or even something as simple as red eye, can sometimes be repaired in total. The work needed will vary depending on the condition of the photo. You must inquire for a quote.


I can enlarge any hard copy photo, including Polaroids and other ridiculously small prints. The size of the original hard copy will affect the size of the enlargement, as it will be relative not fixed in size. A standard photo enlargement will be FIXED RATE as seen in the ‘fixed rates’ section.


If you would like an old photo or any photo enlarged to produce a banner or otherwise large print/graphic, as well as additional text or graphics added, I can provide this. Depending on the size of the original hard copy, I cannot guarantee large banner sizes. You must inquire for a quote.


I am skilled in a lot of basic and advanced photo editing, as well as graphic design. If you need something else, just ask!

**I CAN NOT remove watermarks, the only exception being date stamps.

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Can you make entire albums digital?

Yes, I am capable of doing this, although any photo edits/restoration will result in separate charges. You will need to provide me with a USB storage device to place your photos on. As albums vary in size and complexity, I cannot do this at a fixed rate, and you will need to inquire for a quote. This is only possible with local clients as I am not getting involved with shipping.

Can you do prints?

I only do restoration and editing as I have listed above. I do not and can not under any circumstance print photos myself. HOWEVER, if you would like to receive prints from me for your own convenience, I can outsource them to my local Walgreens and present them to you at time of payment with an approximate 25% upcharge per print which will be itemized on your receipt.

This courtesy will only be provided to local clients meeting with me in person! Remote customers will not receive prints or any physical medium from me under any circumstances as shipping is too pricey.

How do I receive my proofs?

As I stated above, I do not print photos. You may choose to receive your proofs either by email, or through SMS/MMS text message.

Process for photo enlargements

For photo enlargements, I must have a hard copy photo. Digital photos cannot be enlarged. You must present me with your photo, I will then scan and enlarge it at 1200 pixels per inch. See flat rate pricing for enlargements below.


ENLARGEMENT OF 4-10 PHOTOS: $1.75/photo

ENLARGEMENT OF 10-20 PHOTOS: $1.00/photo

ENLARGEMENT OF 21-40 PHOTOS: $0.90/photo


If you are already paying for a restoration, a 1200ppi enlargement will be included for FREE! If you would like prints of the enlargement(s), please read the “Can you do prints?” section above. If you do not want prints, digital copies will be provided either through email, SMS/MMS text message, or on a USB storage device which you have provided at your discretion.

Process for photo restorations

Firstly, you will be provided with a form in which you list your billing details, and agree to terms of payment, which also includes a rights release and a liability agreement. Upon completion of this form, I will inspect your photo, explain what I will need to do, and present you with a quoted price. If the price is agreed upon, I will take the completed form and your hard copy photo (or scanned image). Next, I will scan and enlarge your photo. After I have made your photo digital, I will use a professional graphics and photo editing software to perform the task of restoring them to as close to original condition as possible. Once the restoration is complete, I will send the proofs to you. If the proofs are satisfactory, I will then give you the digital copies or prints which you requested, along with a copy of the form you completed and an itemized receipt, in exchange for your payment.

Please note, that I do not have an office space, local customers may need to meet with me in a public space to provide me with physical copies of photos, as well as once again after my work is completed to exchange your photos for payment.

Contactless/remote service is now available; however I will need scanned copies of your photos in order to do quality work.

Contact me for service

You may contact me by email at or

If you send me an email, please state your NAME, email address, INQUIRY, and location within the body of the message.

Please note that some email providers (Including GMail, Outlook/Hotmail) block my email addresses, if I encounter this, you will see a reply from my address. If I have not responded to an email, try the alternate address.



I accept cash from local clients. If you are paying with a debit or credit card, your payment will be processed through PayPal only. Cash is preferable over all but it is required that you pay in exact change.

Obviously, for remote/contactless service, any payment MUST be conducted through PayPal.

The billing procedures and policies are outlined in my service contract.

Looking for something not listed here?

Check the Hire Me page. Even if it isn’t listed there, you may feel free to contact me with your inquiry.