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Welcome to the Logan L Johnson Museum of Decorative & Fine Arts! This virtual museum is here to be used as a free public resource for historical research and identification of items. It is important to note that currently this is a huge work in progress and is in no way even close to being completed, this is a long-term project.


The Logan L Johnson Museum of Decorative & Fine Arts is a virtual museum resource which catalog's Logan L Johnson's private collection. Here you'll find documentation on items, including lighting, glassware, porcelain, silverplate, furniture, and miscellaneous art including when possible historic context.

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Content Accuracy and Revisions

This website is a collective of the knowledge I, Logan L Johnson, have acquired through my time in collecting and researching the items presented within. I make an effort to provide the most detailed and accurate information which I have in my possession, but along the way mistakes will most certainly occur. If you see something that is inaccurate, and would like to suggest a revision, please contact me directly by email at


Logan L Johnson - Web development, graphics, photography, content creation and publishing

Rachel Miller - Website and logo color scheme

[People will be added to this list as seen fit after receiving a contribution]

Copyright & Usage Guidelines

All content (including images) published within and hosted on the Logan L Johnson Museum of Decorative & Fine Arts website is property of Logan L Johnson unless expressly stated otherwise. You may find that encyclopedic, academic, or otherwise external content/sources are included at times, and when this is the case links to the original source material shall be provided.

The content on this website may be distributed freely for personal, academic, or non-profit usage. It is the goal of this website to provide a free learning resource for individuals whom have interest in antiques and art. This website and its content are NEVER under any circumstance permitted to be used for commercial purposes.