Stained Glass Grape Pendant KAS-MAR

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Descriptive details

This is a pendant chandelier constructed from slag and opalescent glass, with a detachable flair at the top. On the interior it holds a milk glass fitter which covers the lightbulb to more evenly diffuse the light.

The design is inspired by earlier Art Nouveau lamps and pendants from the 1910s by companies such as Tiffany Studios, Gorham, etc. which have been consistently popular despite ever-changing stylistic movements and American decorating trends within the past 100 years.

Identifying details

On the interior of the shade, there is a very small paper/foil label which reads "KAS-MAR".

Upon searching for "KAS-MAR" online, one will see similar pendant chandeliers, including others with various floral and fruit motifs. I believe that these pendants are actually made by Kasmark and Marshall, a stained glass studio based in Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

Given the date of corporation filing, that dates this piece to somewhere in the 1970s.

About Kasmark & Marshall

Kasmark & Marshall, Inc was filed formally on May 21st, 1969 at the address of 120 Tener Street Luzerne, Pennsylvania. It is apparent that the company was active up until recently, having been documented restoring stained glass windows for a church in 2009 but likely more recently than this, I presume closing within the past year or two (2019 or 2020). The company specialized in constructing and installing custom stained glass windows, and evidently also made stained glass pendants chandeliers for at least a short period.